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Sociology is the field of study that helps us to understand the social interaction between individuals, and groups in society. The study of Sociology involves the following sub- disciplines:


Level I (Minimum 30 credits)

1. SOCI1001: Introduction to Social Research

2. SOCI1002: Introduction to Sociology I

3. SOCI1003: Sociology & Development

4. FOUN1013: Critical Reading and Writing in the Social Sciences or FOUN1019: Critical Reading and Writing in the Disciplines

5. FOUN1101: Caribbean Civilization

6. FOUN1201: Science, Medicine & Technology in Society

7. SOCI1005: Introductory to Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences

8. PSYC1000: Introduction to Developmental, Social & Abnormal Psychology

9. Plus one (1) from the following 2:

- ECON1000: Principles of Economics I

- GOVT1000: Introduction to Political Institutions and Analysis

10. Plus 1 Level I Free Elective1

Level II & Level III (Minimum 60 credits)

11. SOCI2000: Classical Social Theory

12. SOCI2006: Qualitative Methods in Sociological Research

13. SOCI2008: Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences

14. SOCI2001: Modern Social Theory

15. SOCI2007: Survey Design and Analysis

16. SOCI2017: Caribbean Society or SOCI3025: Caribbean Culture

17-19. Plus 3 from the following 4:

 - SOCI2004: Introduction to Population

 - SOCI2009: Statistical Computing for Social Research

- SOCI3026: Sociology of Development

- SOWK2004: Development of Social Policy

20. Plus 1 Level II SOCI Elective

21-24. Plus 4 Level II Free Electives 25-30.

Plus 6 Level III Free Electives


NOTE: Students intending to pursue a MSc. in Sociology should select courses relevant to the intended area of specialization.

MSc. specializations include:

- Social Policy & Administration

- Sociology of Development

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