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About the Diploma

The Higher Degree Diploma programme in Human Resource Development (Diploma HRD) seeks to distil a package from the functional courses offered in the MSc. Human Resource Development degree.  It is designed to offer continuing education credits either to persons who already possess at least a Bachelor’s degree and who work in an administrative capacity with the human capital of the organisation but who do not have the requisite academic training for their posts or to persons who take it for continuing education credits as prescribed by an recognised professional body. 

The programme will rest upon the foundation of the various curricula in which the students registered have participated.  It will benefit from their rich practical problem-solving skills and this advantage will naturally extend to the Masters Programme where these students share classes with the MSc. HRD students as well.  These skills will be developed further through a combination of coursework, research activities, independent study and experiential learning. 

Entry Requirements

Candidates for this Higher Degree Diploma will be required to have a minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree and at least three years’ post-graduation practical work experience at a senior management level.  Alternatively, candidates may be accepted where they are taking the course for continuing education credits for certification by the Nursing Association of Jamaica, the Medical Association of Jamaica or for a similar professional body that has entered into this agreement with the University.  Where the candidates do not fall into these categories and they cannot submit to the University a statement from their employer stating that the qualification is vital for the survival of the organisation, they will be required to either register for the individual courses without the formal terminal diploma certification. 

It should be noted that once committed to the Diploma candidates may opt to upgrade their registration to the full MSc. Human Resource Development Degree.  Upgrading will then require the candidate to seek permission formally from, and change their registration at, the Office of Graduate Studies and pay any difference in the requisite tuition fees.  They may then apply for credit exemptions for the courses already taken.  Alternatively, persons registered for the MSc. Human Resource Development may opt to qualify at the diploma status if for some reason they cannot continue in the Masters Programme.  The HRD Graduate Programmes will determine the portion, if any, of the tuition fees paid for the Master’s Degree that will be refunded.  The HRD Graduate Programmes Unit will not guarantee that persons who have upgraded their programmes will complete the MSc HRD within one year of their upgrade. 



Regular Tuition Fees

As for the MSc Programme, the Diploma will cost regular participants JA$330,000.00 or equivalent per annum.  This tuition fee is subject to annual review and change and does not include books, other incidentals or the miscellaneous charges levied by the University of the West Indies. Students who chose to upgrade from the Diploma to the MSc HRD programme will be required to pay the difference between the two programme fees at the time of their upgrade.


For further details contact the Unit
1B Aqueduct Flats, UWI, Mona Campus
876-970-6466 or 876-702-2359


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