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Programme Objectives

In achieving its objectives, the programme will provide the means whereby all students can acquire and demonstrate substantial understanding of and competence in the following areas:

  1. The breadth of scientific psychology, its history of thought and development, its research methods, and it applications to the Caribbean situation. To achieve this end, the students shall be exposed to the current body of knowledge in at least the following areas: biological aspects of behavior; cognitive and effective aspects of behavior; history and systems of psychology in the Caribbean;
  2. psychological measurement; research methodology; and techniques of data analysis;
  3. The scientific, methodological, and theoretical foundations of practice in the substantive area (s) of professional psychology in which the programme has its training emphasis. To achieve this end, the students shall be exposed to the current body of knowledge in at least the following areas: individual differences; human development; dysfunctional behavior or psychopathology; and professional standards and ethics;
  4. Diagnosing or defining problems through psychological assessment and measurement and formulating and implementing intervention strategies (including training in empirically supported procedures). To achieve this end, the students shall be exposed to the current body of knowledge in at least the following areas; theories and methods of assessment and diagnosis; effective intervention; consultation and supervision, and evaluating the efficacy of interventions;
  5. Issues of cultural and individual diversity that are relevant to all of the above;
  6. Attitudes essential for life-long learning, scholarly inquiry, and professional problem-solving as psychologist in the context of an evolving body of scientific and professional knowledge.


The M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology is offered on a full-time basis. Students should be able to complete all requirements for the programme, including the practicum,
in two calendar years. The programme runs for four semesters and includes a summer practicum.



Semester 1
PSYC 6021 - Psychopathology
PSYC 6014 - Psychological Assessment I
PSYC 6017 - Clinical Research Skills
PSYC 6016 - Caribbean Psychology
PSYC 6023 - Issues of Caribbean Psychology; Ethics & Professional
PSYC 6031 - Practicum I

Semester II
PSYC 6020 - Issues of Caribbean Psychology: Ethics & Professional
PYSC 6024 - Psychological Assessment II
PSYC 6018 - Individual Psychotherapy
PSYC 6019 - Issues of Human Development
PSYC 6024 - Practicum II

Summer Session
PSYC 6025 - Practicum III


Semester 1
PSYC 6022 - Applied Health Psychology
PYSC 6028 - Clinical Neuropsychology
PSYC 6026 - Practicum IV - (Either semester I or II - 2 1/2 days per wk)
Group Experience - Semesters I & II

Semester II
SOWK 6108 - Group Therapy or SOWK 6112—Family Therapy
PSYC 6027 - Research Paper
PSYC 6026 - Practicum 1V
PSYC 6029 - Comprehensive Examination—Summer Session II (July)

Admission Requirements

Bachelors degree in Psychology from a recognized University with at least Upper Second Class Honours. Applicants with Bachelors degrees in other disciplines are required to complete the diploma in Psychology.

Applicants must demonstrate sufficient aptitude in research, statistics and have clinical experience.



All students are required to participate in a year long group experience, complete six sessions of individual therapy; attend bi-weekly seminars in research, psychopharmocology and professional development.



The cost of the programme is US$5,203 per year. NOTE: University regulations do not permit students who work full-time to also study full-time.


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