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About Demography

The M.Sc. in Demography is designed to provide:

  • Exposure to the current body of demographic knowledge and population issues deemed critical to development in the region.
  • A foundation in the techniques of demographic analysis and research methods.
  • Avenues for the application of skills in the analysis of demographic change and evaluation of population policy and programmes in the Caribbean.

The courses will have a basis in Sociology, though emphasis will be given to appropriate techniques along with the substantive areas of social change, all with a comparative focus.
The programme will allow persons without a foundation in Sociology but who meet the prerequisites of their respective disciplines to benefit from this training.

Entry Requirements 

Applicants must possess a good Bachelors degree (at least second class honours) from a recognized university, and a strong undergraduate foundation in demography and statistics to be admitted.
Applicants without a background in Demography or lacking the relevant undergraduate courses in social theory (SOCI2000 or 2001), research methods or statistics (SOCI 2008 or 2009), may be asked
to complete the Diploma in Population and Development to improve their chances of qualifying for entry to the programme.

This MSc. programme will be of interest to professionals working in applied settings (economic and social planning, reproductive health, evaluation research and urban planning), as well as those in the public sector or research institutions.
Admission is in alternate years.


The MSc in Demography will be offered on a part-time basis over two and a half years. The programme will comprise nine taught courses (total of 36 credits) and
includes a research paper, seminars on critical issues in Caribbean society and a technical writing course. Students will take seven courses from the demography and
research methods core, and have a choice of two electives. These electives may be chosen from a selection within the Faculty of Social Sciences. In cases where students
have already taken one of the required courses within a five-year period prior to entry into the programme, they will be assigned an elective to replace this course.

Year I Semester I
SOCI 6111 Demographic Methods I
SOCI 6067 Advanced Social Research Methods I
SOCI 6081 Technical Writing

Year I Semester II
SOCI 6112 Demographic Methods II
SOCI 6115 Quantitative Data Analysis in the Social Sciences
SOCI 6079 Continuing Seminar in Critical Approaches to Caribbean Society and Culture

Year II Semester I
SOCI 6068 Advanced Social Research Methods II
SOCI 6069 Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Programmes
SOCI 6080 Continuing Seminar II

Year II Semester II
SOCI 6114 Social Demography
SOCI 6088 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems or
SOCI 6113 Applied Demography

Year III Semester I
SOCI 6083 Research Paper
SOCI 6066 Urban Sociology


For more details speak to any of our colleagues from the unit. 



MSc Demography is a UGC funded programme. 
See fees schedule for 2023/24


Dr Sharon Priestley
Lecturer, Demography Coordinator

Dr Julian Devonish

Dr Samantha John-Aloye

Administrative Office
Phone: 876-977-0315 or 876-977-6267


NB: Registration open in November each academic year

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