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Programme Objectives

The objectives of the HRD programme are to train professionals who can contribute to the strengthening of organisations both through organisational analysis and intervention and through training, team-building and effective leadership. To date, the programme has graduated over 700 students from its first 20 cohorts and now has 76 persons at various stages of completion among the members of its 21st and 22nd cohorts.

Traditionally at the 'middle-management' level of their organisations, our students are drawn from a range of sectors in the economy and represent the Public Sector, the Private Sector, Banking, Non-Government Organisations, Education, the Trades Unions and the Universities.St


Year 1




Groups: Theory Development and Processes
(3 Credits)


Job Analysis and Strategic Organisational Staffing
(3 Credits)
Training Design, Delivery and Evaluation
(3 Credits)
HRNM6101: Applied Behavioural Sciences: Theories for Human Resource and Organisational Development
(3 Credits)
Performance Management: Theories and Practices
(3 Credits)
Organisational Strategy: Management, Leadership and Organisational Ethics
( 3 Credits)
** HRNM6801
Information Technology for Organisation Development and Practice
(3 Credits)
Or other Approved Elective

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Admission Requirements

The requirement for admission to the multidisciplinary MSc Human Resource Development is a lower second class degree or better - GPA of 2.75 - in Human Resource Development/Human Resource Management, Applied/I/O Psychology, Labour Studies, Management Studies, Business/Educational Administration, Industrial/Organisational Studies, Educational Studies/Teaching, Sociology, Social Work, Demography, Social Policy, International Relations, Communication Studies or related field.  Additionally, persons with degrees from unrelated fields will be considered if these degrees are at least GPA 3.0, especially if the applicant demonstrates some knowledge of social science theory in his/her academic programme. 


Course equivalents from other universities are accepted.  Candidates must have at least three years of full-time work experience, at a supervisory level, in any field and strong recommendations; although candidates with GPAs exceeding 3.6 will be accepted with one year of full-time working experience in any field as well as part-time experience in an HRD-related field.  All candidates with GPA of less than 2.75 will be subject to an interview if there is some compelling circumstance to warrant consideration. Good communication/writing/referencing and research skills are imperative; and candidates will be expected to demonstrate these in their application documents and in the English Language Proficiency Examination administered by the HRD Unit prior to beginning the programme. 


Additionally, students will be required to get time off of three days per week during the summer of their second year in the programme in order to do the Practicum exercise.


See fee schedule 2023/24



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