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Programme Objectives

The programme is designed to develop scientists and practitioners who are adequately prepared for an academic or a professional career in organisational analysis and intervention, whether in consultancy or within industry or the public sector.  This new doctoral programme will therefore seek to provide the theoretical foundation and the technical skills needed to understand the complex issues which arise from social interaction within organisations.

(PhD Organisational Behaviour not offered in upcoming 2024/25)



The core courses are all 3-credit offerings with the exception of the former elective course HRNM7303 Advanced Seminar in Organisational Design and Change that is worth two credits and is now a programme requirement. The courses in research methodology and quantitative analysis are also 3-credit offerings.  Additionally, students will be required to take at least two seminars to comprise six credits from a list of approved courses.  The structure of the revised programme is summarised below:

§  7 courses in organisational studies

§  5 courses in research methodology and statistics

§  2-3 seminars in the specialisation (6 credits required)

§  1 Practicum (550 hours)

§  Comprehensive Examination

§  Research Paper, Dissertation Proposal and the Dissertation



Admission Requirements

It is expected that students who are admitted to the doctoral programme will already have a Masters degree with a substantial background in management or the behavioural sciences. Although the Masters degree is not required, it is highly recommended, as the programme is designed for persons with demonstrated academic abilities. Successful applicants are likely to be those with at least a B+ average during their graduate programme. Admission decisions are based on evaluation of the complete record for the applicant, which includes academic performance, work experience, evaluations and recommendations and evidence of motivation and skills relevant for a successful professional career. These include writing and communication skills.  Personal interviews will be conducted with all applicants.



Tuition for PhD Organisational Behaviour

See fee schedule


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