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Senior Lecturer
(876) 977-0315

A senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work, University of West Indies, Mona Campus, Kingston, Jamaica. His areas of specialization are Critical Race Theory, African Diaspora Studies, and Sociological Theory. In April of 2017, he was vested with the Ethiopian Knighthood, “Commander of the Order of the Star of Honour of Ethiopia”, by the Ethiopian Crown Council for service to Ethiopia and the Crown Council. By virtue of this investiture, he is the first Jamaican on record to be inducted into the “International Society for the Imperial Ethiopian Orders” during the course of this the 21st Century.
In terms of notable publications, he has authored numerous journal articles on Marcus Garvey and Rastafari, as well as on matters concerning Race and identity in general. He has notably edited and co-edited several books on Rastafari such as the popular Rastafari anthology entitled, “Rastafari in the New Millennium”, the Rastafari anthology, Leonard Percival Howell and the Genesis of Rastafari, and the Rastafari Anthology entitled - A 2020 Vision Perspective on the Rastafari Movement. He has also single authored the book: The Rastafari Movement: A North American and Caribbean Perspective.

Courses Taught: 
Thought and Action in the African Diaspora
Sociologcal Theory
Race & Ethnicity
Sociology & Social Problems
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