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Dr. Tracie A. Rogers is a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Psychology, and Social Work, and Coordinator of the Graduate Social Work programme. The focus of her academic work is understanding the psychosocial vulnerabilities faced by marginalised people in the Caribbean region and in Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) communities in the Global South context. Dr. Rogers’ research and writing explore the lived experiences of women and girls, gender-based violence prevention, stigma faced by people living with mental illness and HIV, trauma-informed research, and epistemic violence. She is a qualitative researcher who specialises in participatory research frameworks and collaborative and action-oriented methodologies with a focus on social justice and activism. Through the use of contemplative qualitative inquiry, Dr. Rogers integrates artmaking in the form of painting, photography, and poetry in various research phases including collaborative data collection and data analysis with research participants. 

Dr. Rogers is also the Editor of the Caribbean Journal for Social Work — the only peer-reviewed social work journal produced in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Courses Taught: 
Social Work Research Project
Social Work Practice for the Caribbean
Theory for Advanced Social Work Practice
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