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Enabling Partnerships of Value

The UWI offers through the Business Development Office (BDO) a unique opportunity to benefit from the knowledge, facilities, and ready market available on the Mona Campus. The BDO is one of the income-generating arms of the UWI responsible for the commercial and capital activities on the Campus including university auxiliary related services. As part of its portfolio, the BDO:







Negotiates and structures business deals and contracts;
Undertakes commercial and capital investments that it originates, facilitates, and manages;
Provides advisory, monitoring, and consultation services

Why Partner With Us

The UWI is looking for partners where our mutually beneficial business agreements bring long-term arrangements of value. The depth of expertise and flexibility in the BDO are just some of the reasons that drive the success of our projects.




Business Opportunities

Opportunities abound at the UWI for the right private sector partner to grow their business. There are prospects for active investments in projects of the UWI, collaborative projects, or physical asset development on the Mona Campus.

Completed Projects

The BDO has a mission to improve the Campus’ financial position in order to support educational development. Through our projects, we create services and products for campus constituents and wider community to benefit.

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