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Procedures for Establishing a Business on the Mona Campus

Thank you for your interest in doing business with us on the Mona Campus. There are two ways in which the BDO accepts proposals for business ventures on the campus – as part of a Request for Proposals (RFP) process; or by potential parties approaching the Campus outside of an RFP period.
If your proposal is being submitted because the University has released a Request for Proposals, the RFP will be tailored to fit the type of business venture and outline the information that your business plan should provide.

What We Look for in A Business Plan

1. Description of project & proposed location (existing or new)
2. Evidence of market demand and inadequate supply to meet the needs of the campus constituents for the specific product/service.
3. Financing of the project – including capital and working capital.
4. Source(s) of financing – equity, loans, etc.
5. The capacity of the prospective provider to fulfil the needs of the project. Capacity encompasses, but is not limited to:
   a) Training and experience in the relevant industry
   b) Track record of performance in the industry
   c) Financial capacity (proof should be provided)
   d) Relevant local permits to operate
6. Character – References should be obtained from clients, reputable suppliers, bank/credit union, where available.

Approval Process

i. Identification of a suitable location or space for the type of commercial activity. Note, however, that the locations of businesses on the Campus are subject to approval by the relevant Campus Committees and may also be guided by an overall master plan especially where the proposer has identified an undeveloped space on the estate. This stage of the process involves:

a) Identification of existing space (assuming a business space is available and is suitable for the intended purpose of use) or

b) Obtaining the relevant campus approval for use of the space, where commercial use of a new space is requested by the proposed tenant as stated earlier.

ii. Submission of a business proposal or plan by which the business will demonstrate that it will be able to fulfil all the necessary requirements of its contract and operations, including those aspects related to guidelines set out under the relevant statutory acts.

iii. The foregoing information will be assessed and presented to the Campus to obtain approval and permission to establish and operate the business on the Campus.
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