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Partner with the UWI Mona

Enabling profitable partnerships to inspire growth and support educational development

Enabling transformative private-public-partnerships

We form partnerships with public and private sector bodies seeking to build beneficial relationships on the Mona Campus that support our campus constituents. Our partners have access to build long-term relationships with the future income-earners and generate brand loyalty that continues once our students exit the campus. Our business partners are also able to capitalise on opportunities only available on the Mona Campus.

We partner with both large corporate organisations and small businesses looking to leverage the expertise and or market at the UWI. Partnering with the BDO can mean anything from long-term developments or projects to small event sponsorships.

Ready to Let the Light of your Business Shine from the West?

Are you ready to partner with The UWI? We would love to hear from you and how we can work together to create a mutually beneficial partnership.


The expertise and knowledge of the BDO is at your fingertips to ensure your partnership with the UWI is a success.

Collaborative Projects

Work with us to develop partnerships and business projects with the UWI that deliver long-term value and rewards

Student Development

Invest in our future generation through internships and scholarships through your business arrangements with the Mona.

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