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Supporting new and existing business projects at the UWI Mona

We currently manage 46,000 square feet of Campus property at one of the most sought after business markets in the St. Andrew area. We also broker partnerships related to academic advancement of benefits to the business community. We are always  looking for new opportunities to develop the capital assets of the University or partner with investors ready to grow with the UWI.

Physical Assets Development

The BDO generates net revenues to support the educational development of the Mona Campus from physical asset development. We've managed to generate average returns on revenues of over 90% in some cases from commercial properties under its management while our partners exceed their revenue goals.

Business Strategy

The BDO team provides expert guidance on the development of UWI businesses as well as strategic support for public-private partnerships. Our approach to business relationships is to protect the interests of the UWI while fostering mutually beneficial arrangements with our private partners.

Financial Management and/or Oversight

We provide financial oversight for business entities owned by the UWI to ensure that these projects maintain their financial viability and continue to offer service to Campus students, staff, and visitors without overburdening the limited financial resources of the UWI.

Development of Companies

We develop detailed briefs in keeping with our Principal's and The UWI's objectives for the Mona Campus and ensure the incorporation of our UWI entities. Our incorporated companies are managed by active boards under the chairmanship of the Campus Principal.

Student Development and Financial Support

We work with our partners to provide internship and scholarship opportunities for UWI Students. The BDO also directly employs and provides training for a limited number of students in its office and various projects such as the UWI Mona Campus Culture and Heritage Tour (CCHT) and the Food Establishments and Service Secretariat. 

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