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About the Business Development Office

Supporting new and existing business projects at the UWI Mona


The Business Development Office (BDO) is at the centre of the income-generation thrust of the Mona Campus. The office was created in 1997 as part of The UWI’s Strategic Plan 1997-2002 to guide the process towards productive deployment of the campus’s physical and intellectual assets. Since then, this office has increased the earnings of the campus to contribute to the enhancement of student-centeredness through its many initiatives in accordance with each strategic plan of The UWI.

The BDO is a unit in the Office of the Principal. The Office is also represented on key Campus committees that govern the Mona Campus as well as work for better services and offerings for all campus constituents.

Our Mission

To contribute to the responsible stewardship of the revenue-generating physical and intellectual assets of the Mona Campus, and by means of strategic investments in business development initiatives and research, create a sustainable and profitable revenue stream for the operations, programme development, and research of the campus.

The BDO Under The UWI Mona's Triple A Strategy


Use the physical and human resources of the UWI to respond to the changing needs of our constituents while contributing to the UWI revenue base and ensuring economic sustainability through operational efficiencies and financial profitability.


To provide business services at a high standard that will positively impact the experience of the UWI student while at the Mona Campus and help to develop the ideal UWI graduate who is socially and culturally responsible.


Identify opportunities to attract third-party partners to build relevant and value-added relationships and develop better synergistic partnerships through the adoption of appropriate business models relevant to the entities operated by/under the preview of the BDO

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