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BSc Information Technology

The BSc in Information Technology is a three year programme based on the ACM/IEEErecommendations. The programme aims to address the needs of the Caribbean region and produce graduates who have been exposed to experiences that will prepare them to address the information processing requirements of organisations.


  1. Provide IT graduates with the skills and knowledge to take on appropriate professional positions in information technology upon graduation and grow into leadership positions or pursue research or graduate studies in the field
  2. Produce graduates who can become information technology professionals, able to work effectively at planning, implementing, configuring and maintaining an organisation’s computing infrastructure.

Programme Structure

The requirements for the B.Sc. in Information Technology are as summarized below.


Level I:                                             24 Credits

Level II Core:                                    15 Credits

Level III Core:                                   21 Credits

Additional level II and III:                  6 credits from Computing

Additional level II and III:                  18 credits from any discipline including Computing

Foundation Courses:                        09 credits

Total:                                               93 Credits

Level I: (24 credits = 12 credit from Computing + 12 credits from anywhere)

Course Code                      Course Name                                                             Credits

COMP1126                         Introduction to Computing 1                                      3

COMP1127                         Introduction to Computing II                                      3

COMP1161                         Object-Oriented Programming                                   3

COMP1210                         Mathematics for Computing                                       3

Courses from any discipline                                                                                 12


COMP1220    Computing and Society                                                                   3

Level II: (15 credits)

Course Code                       Course Name                                                            Credits

INFO2100                           Mathematics and Statistics for IT                                 3

INFO2110                           Data Structures for IT                                                   3

COMP2140                         Software Engineering                                                   3

INFO2180                           Web Design and Programming 1                                  3

COMP2190                          Net-Centric Computing                                               3

Level III: (21 credits)

INFO3105                           Computer Systems Administration                                3

INFO3110                           Information Systems                                                     3

INFO3155                           Information Assurance and Security                              3

COMP3161                         Database Management Systems                                    3

INFO3170                           User Interface Design for IT                                          3

INFO3180                           Web Design and Programming II                                   3

COMP3901                         Capstone Project                                                           3

Plus six (6) credits at level II or level III taken from Computing (i.e. CS, IT, IS, SWE, CE)

Plus eighteen (18) credits at level II or level III taken from any discipline  including Computing.

Plus nine (9) credits of foundational courses.

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