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Outline: Estimation and Hypothesis Testing (Expected Value, Properties of Estimators, Methods of Estimation, Central Limit Theorem, Distribution of Sample Mean and Proportion, Interval Estimation, Large and Small Samples, Hypothesis testing, Types of Errors, T, F and Χ2 Distributions, Inferences about Means and Proportions from two populations); Non-Parametric Methods (Situations where NP methods are applied, Runs Test, Mann-Whitney U-Test, Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test); Regression and Correlation (Simple and Multiple Regression, Polynomial Regression, Simple and Partial Correlation).

Pre-requisites: ECON1005 & (ECON1004 or MATH1142) (Anti-requisite: STAT2001))


LecturerDr. Kelly-Ann Dixon-Hamil

Position: Lecturer

Office Hours:

Office Location: Department Of Economics Main Block, Room15



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