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What is add/drop?

During the registration period, students will be permitted to request adjustments to their academic programme once they have obtained academic approval. This request should be made on the Student Administrative System (SAS).

Do I have to do all of my level 1 courses before I am allowed to do level 2 courses?

You do not need to complete all of your level 1 courses first but you must ensure that you have the prerequisites for the specific level 2 or 3 course. You should also ensure that you complete all of your core courses.

What are core courses?

Core courses are specified courses that students must complete in order to be awarded a degree.

I wish to change my major (add another major, minor etc). What should I do?

You should make a request for the intended major/minor online. Check to ensure that such request is approved before registering for the corresponding courses.

What is a pre-requisite?

A pre-requisite is a course which must be completed before registration for another course is permitted.  A pre-requisite course provides many of the fundamental concepts required for the more advanced course.


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