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Briefing | Cannabis Cultivation And Consumption Pattern In Jamaica 2017 - 2018

Fifty-three percent of cannabis enthusiasts want Jamaica to fully legalize cannabis while 27 percent want Jamaica to legalize but with strict controls. Only 18 percent are content with the current state of decriminalization and two percent want the laws to be reverted to where they were prior to 2015.

Briefing | Inflation Targeting And Expectation

The traditional role of the central bank appears to be evolving in modern macroeconomics. Monetary policy from the central bank was once responsible for acting as a counterbalance to fiscal policy to aid the government to achieve its objectives.

Briefing | Inflation Targeting Can Reduce Social Welfare

The Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) continues with the Inflation Targeting strategy, let us explore why, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Elements Of Inflation Targeting

According to Mishkin (2001) in order for the strategy of inflation targeting to be effective it must contain the following key elements:

Briefing | Economic Transformation Necessary To Stabilise The Jamaica Dollar

What Is The Value Of The Jamaican Dollar Relative To The US?

The Jamaican dollar has depreciated to more than $130 to US$1 again. The price of the US dollar rose to an all-time high, selling for an average price of $132 to US$1 and has remained above $131 mark.


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