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FST welcomes new Academic Staff

The Faculty of Science and Technology extends congratulations to the following academics who have been appointed as lecturers for the 2022-23 academic year.

Department of Computing

  •  Dr. Sean Miller (Lecturer - Area of Specialisation - Machine Learning and Cybersecurity)

Department of Chemistry

  • Dr. Shannen Lorraine (Lecturer - Area of Specialisation - Organometallic Chemistry / Inorganic section)
  • Dr. Ainka Brown (Lecturer - Area of Specialisation - Green Chemistry and Organic Synthesis / Organic section)

Department of Geography and Geology:

  • Dr. Sarah Buckland (Lecturer - Area of Specialisation - Climate Change Adaption in Agriculture)
  • Dr. Jason Tambie (Lecturer - Area of Specialisation - Geomorphology & Geomathics /Physical Geography)

Department of Physics

  • Ms. Candice Charlton (Assistant Lecturer - Area of Specialisation - Bush Fires and Climate Change)

Thank you for joining our dynamic FST team. The team wishes you immense success with your teaching/learning and research portfolios.


 Follow the Faculty of Science and Technology on Instagram @uwimona_fst and on Facebook at @ The Faculty of Science and Technology, The UWI Mona. For enquiries, WhatsApp us at 1-876 552-4691, call us at 1-876-977-1785 or email us at

Published on 10 Nov, 2022

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