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Meet Jacquel, FST Graduate Students’ Representative | 2021-2022

Jacquel has been appointed as the FST Graduate Representative to the Mona Association of Postgraduate Students (MAPS) for 2021-2022 academic year and will also head the FST Graduate Students Council. She is currently pursuing an MSc in Food and Agro Processing Technology (FAPT) in the Department of Chemistry. Food and Science are her two loves. Jacquel reminisced that as a child she would watch the Food Network and be enthralled by the intricacies involved in the preparation of food. Her ‘loves’ compounded by her natural curiosity led her to analyse food labels and compare ingredients. Undoubtedly, she knew she had to pursue studies involving Chemistry. Her passion for food and science (Chemistry) is further evident by her essay, “Why Grandma Puts Her Bread in the Freezer”  that won first place in the Food Science Toolbox Essay Writing Competition (2021) sponsored by Prof Courtney Simons, Associate Professor at Wright State University, USA. Upon completion of her studies, Jacquel intends to use her knowledge and skillset to develop unique and sustainable Jamaican food products that can serve both the local and export markets.

Jacquel believes that graduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Science and Technology are the driving force for innovation and development in the region. Hence, she desires that all students will utilize their knowledge in a way that can benefit Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world by extension.

The Faculty wishes Jacquel all the best with her new portfolio!

To read “Why Grandma Puts Her Bread in the Freezer”:




Published on 09 Sep, 2021

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