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Revealing The Untold Stories of Our Scientists| Prof. Emeritus Gerald Lalor


The life and work of the late Prof. Emeritus the Honourable Gerald Lalor, OM, OJ, CD (December 1930 - August 2021) is celebrated in a recent article by Dr. Sylvia Mitchell (Senior Lecturer, The Biotechnology Centre) in the Freedom Come Rain newspaper. In the article Dr. Mitchell notes that "Prof. Gerald Lalor decided to impact science and he has. Through his research, his leadership and the establishment  of many new initiatives (and buildings to house them) at UWI Mona - UWIDITE (1982), ICEN (1984), and the Biotechnology Centre (1989),  he has ensured his name will be mentioned whenever science is discussed in Jamaica." Click here to read the article and learn more about Prof. Lalor's early days and contributions to the scientific community.


Source: Mitchell, SA (2021) Revealing the Untold Stories of Our Scientists – Professor The Hon. Gerald Lalor, OM, OJ, CD – ‘A Giant of a Man’, Freedom Come Rain newspaper, Vol 2(12), pg 15, 2021.10.23







Published on 06 Jan, 2022

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