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HOD Welcome

Dr Julian Cresser  Head of Department

Welcome to the 2023-24 academic year and thank you for joining us as we continue Moving Forward with History and Archaeology.

The tagline has a double meaning: in the first place, it recognizes that an understanding of the past – gained through the disciplines of History and Archaeology – is essential for charting our future courses. Secondly, it is a nod to the fact that these disciplines have to evolve to meet the needs of rapidly changing societies. In particular, the experiences of the last three years have revealed the need to equip our graduates with transferable skills that can sustain a career-long-learning and adaptability.

The DOHA has responded to these needs through a systematic revision of our undergraduate programmes and course offerings over the last five years. In addition to our core History and History & Archaeology degrees, we are pleased to welcome students doing majors in History & International Relations, and History & Journalism. Newer courses like Digital History expose students to new media for the research, teaching and presentation of History and the broader Humanities. Our final-year Capstone research project also allows students the flexibility of presenting their work in a variety of multi-media formats. All the while you will be learning about past-present-future connections, and engaging in conversations with lecturers and peers that will help you to develop informed perspectives on the Caribbean’s and the World’s past.

One thing that has not, and will not, change is our commitment to excellence in education as this remains the best way that we can help you prepare to succeed in a constantly changing and competitive world. The Department is committed to being student-oriented and maintaining the synergies between student and staff from which we can all benefit. Please, make sure to use the Department’s website, social media and other communication channels and share your feedback, as we continue breaking ground for the History and Archaeology Department of the future.

Welcome again.

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