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History and Archaeology Society


The Club benefitted from the capable and inspiring leadership of Ms Desley Gardner (President) and Ms Kadia Gray (Vice-President), Mr Kirt Henry (Secretary), Mr Tevin Douglas (Public Relations Officer).


At the start of the academic year, the Club’s Executive carried out a successful membership drive which was aimed particularly at First year students. Membership increased considerably and included History majors, other students of Humanities, as well as members from Social Sciences and Life Sciences. The year also saw the return of former members of the club and post-graduate guidance was provided by Mr Karl Watts, a PH.D. candidate of the Department and a faithful member of the club. Former President, Mr Oshane Robinson and former VicePresident, Mr Adrian Reid (both M.A. Heritage Studies students) continued to offer guidance and support. Mentorship of “younger members” made their adjustment to university life a bit smoother.

Highlights of the Clubs Activities, 2014-15

CLUB FUSION (September 18, 2014): The Club’s participation was focussed on the theme: “The Importance of a Degree in History, Archaeology and Heritage Studies”. This was transmitted through poster displays and interaction with visitors to the booth and generally received a very favourable response.

FUND-RAISING: Semester One saw the continuation of the Club’s efforts to boost the funds in the Club’s account. The highlight of these efforts was a hugely successful Bake sale, held on October 28th, 2014.

RESEARCH DAYS, 2015: Almost from the start of Semester Two, club members assisted by First-year Heritage Studies’ students dedicated themselves to perfecting a performance entitled “Humanities Rock” which captured the importance of each discipline in the Faculty of Humanities and Education. They presented this at the Faculty’s Lunch-hour Concert which was well received by a very appreciative crowd and was deemed to be a successful feature of Research Days this year. Additionally, the Club gave valuable support to the Department in ensuring that departmental contributions to Research Days were a success. In particular, they helped to make the Department’s “Heritage Tent” one of the most enticing of activities mounted in the Faculty’s courtyard. The Club appreciates the faithful assistance given in this effort by Dr Aleric Josephs, Lecturer in the Department and our resident “heritage foods specialist extraordinaire”.

On Thursday, March 26, 2015, the entire Club hosted visiting Lecturers Dr Darren Reid and Mr Brett Sanders from Coventry University in the U.K. and their students at the Club’s afternoon meeting. A thoroughly engaging rap session was held on the theme, “The Significance of the Humanities in Today’s World”, providing for a very meaningful exchange of perspectives between students and staff from both universities. On the same afternoon, the Club, led by the Staff Representative, Dr Jenny Jemmott took our visitors from Coventry on a well-received tour of selected heritage sites on the Mona Campus. Ultimately, it was the consensus that this interaction would help to further the collaboration, not only at the Departmental level but also at the level of student clubs, both here at Mona as well as at Coventry.

“BRAND HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY”: Largely through fund-raising and members’ contributions, the Club was able to realise its goal of identifying members, especially at departmental functions and club meetings, through the acquisition of royal blue oxford shirts, complete with the departmental and club logos. Ms Desley Gardner, Club President, is to be commended for all her efforts in this direction.

Members of the Club proposed a project dubbed “The Reading Project” aimed at enhancing members’ awareness of issues critical to our history and development. The brainchild of incoming Vice-President, Mr Shaune Harvey, this project entails the reading of selected books over a specified time and the discussion of issues raised by these works in assigned club sessions. It was felt by club members that especially in a tech driven world this would strengthen students’ intellectual capacities while making reading fun. The project is in its infancy but it is anticipated that it will bear fruit next academic year.

THE ELSA GOVEIA MEMORIAL LECTURE: The Club’s members all gave sterling assistance at this important departmental commemoration. Members acted as ushers and gave assistance to the Administrative staff in the setting up of the general area. Of special note, Ms Desley Gardner provided expert multi-media assistance to the Guest Presenter, Emeritus Professor Patrick Bryan.

At the April 16th meeting, the following members were elected to serve as the Executive Body for the upcoming academic year, 2015-16:

President: Ms Kadia Gray
Vice-President: Mr Shaune Harvey
Secretary: Ms Jineen Roches
Public Relations Officer: Ms Alicia Patterson
Treasurer: Ms Chanice Miller Commendations were extended to the Club’s outgoing Executive on a job well done and best wishes were extended to everyone for the final examinations. The Club looks forward to another successful year ahead.

Dr Jenny Jemmott

Staff Representative

The UWI’s History and Archaeology Society

May 14, 2015


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