The Department of History and Archaeology will host the 35th Annual Elsa Goveia Memorial Lecture on 12 March 2019 at the Eon Nigel Harris Council Room, beginning at 5:30pm.The lecture titled, “Human beings and baobab and tamarind trees in the Caribbean: Ethnographic, historical and evolutionary perspectives on an ancient African mimetic complex” is to be delivered by John Rashford
This course is designed to expose the student of Caribbean history to the world of online resources and communication. The course examines the theoretical and practical elements of digital history (the expressions of history online) and the potential and shortcomings of such resources. In this assessment of the digital world’s continuous and ever-changing impact on the humanities, students will be introduced to the major themes, issues and developments surrounding the research, writing, assessment and presentation of history online.
Need a third level free elective? Look no further! This course examines the history of the banking sector in the Commonwealth Caribbean from 1837 to 1990. The course provides an understanding of the emergence and evolution of commercial banking within the wider socio-economic and political context of the region during the 19th and 20th Centuries,focusing on the establishment of commercial banks
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Staff /Graduate Seminar


Staff/Graduate Seminars

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