Coming in September 2019: BA History and Journalism Advance your career opportunities with the new and exciting BA History and Journalism!! Through a combination of History and Journalism courses, this new programme will help you to develop the research and analytical of historians along with the communication skills and strategies of journalists.
This course introduces students to a pan-Caribbean history of mass media, tracing its evolution since the first printing press was established in Jamaica in 1717 through to the twentieth century and beyond with the invention of various forms of broadcast and digital media.
This level I course introduces students to major themes necessary for the understanding of the continent’s long and diverse history, paying special attention to regional patterns. It does so by exploring Africans’ historical experiences in reverse, from the present to its distant past.






Staff /Graduate Seminar


Staff/Graduate Seminars

Staff/Graduate Seminars begin this Friday, October 11, 2019 @ 2pm in the FHE Conference Room.

Join us for a cross-campus session with our colleagues at Cave Hill and St. Augustine.

We will be live streaming presentations of "The Grenada Revolution Symposium" being hosted by UWI-Cave Hill.