The Jamaica Parish Histories Project is an exciting collaborative project between the Jamaica National Foundation and the Department of History and Archaeology, The University of the West Indies, Mona. In this interview, Lead Researcher Dr Jenny Jemmott of the Department of History and Archaeology tells us about it.
This course is designed to expose the student of Caribbean history to the world of online resources and communication. The course examines the theoretical and practical elements of digital history (the expressions of history online) and the potential and shortcomings of such resources. In this assessment of the digital world’s continuous and ever-changing impact on the humanities, students will be introduced to the major themes, issues and developments surrounding the research, writing, assessment and presentation of history online.
The course is a survey of modern Japanese history. The focus is on the politico-economic transformations of the political regime since the seventh century although the emphasis is given to the modern and contemporary periods (mid-nineteenth century to the present). The course offers an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of political, economic and diplomatic issues that are prominent
This course examines the origins and growth of modern sport during a period, 1850-1945, where amateurism was largely replaced by professionalism. It looks at the origins of the various traditional sports in Europe, Asia and North America (football, cricket, boxing, basketball, baseball etc) and how they spread throughout the world and assumed global proportions.


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