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Publications - Recent Books by Faculty

West Indian Business History: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (2010)

B.W. Higman and Kathleen E.A. Monteith (eds.)  

Hope Transformed: A Historical Sketch of the Hope Landscape, St Andrew, Jamaica, 1660-1960 (2012)

Veront Satchell

Abolition and Planatation Management in Jamaica 1807-1838 (2012)

Dave St. Aubyn Gosse

Liberty Fraternity and Exile; Haiti and Jamaica After Emancipation (2014)

Matthew J. Smith

Elem Kalabari of the Niger Delta: The Transition from Slave to Produce Trading under British Imperialism (2015)

Waibinte Elekima Wariboko 

Ties That Bind: The Black Family in Post-Slavery Jamaica, 1834-1882 (2015)

Jenny M. Jemmott

Gathering for Tea in Modern Japan: Class, Culture and Consumption in the Meiji Period (2018)

Taka Oshikiri

Plantation Coffee in Jamaica, 1790-1848 (2019)

Kathleen E.A. Monteith

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