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The principal teaching objective of the Department of History and Archaeology is to provide a thorough understanding of Caribbean history, archaeology and heritage, as well as the broader currents of world history which have helped to shape the region. Accordingly, the Department offers undergraduate courses on the history of the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, as well as on Sport, Journalism and International Relations. Courses are also offered in Archaeology, Heritage Studies and the methodology of history.

In fulfilling these objectives, the Department fosters knowledge and understanding of History, Heritage Studies and Archaeology and in doing so, facilitates the development of research and analytical skills.  Faculty members conduct original scholarly research and pursue effective teaching and learning, while addressing regional and international issues and providing the framework for demonstrating the relevance of the past to the present.

The Department also promotes links with professional groups and institutions, as well as with the wider community, local and international.

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