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Student Spotlight

Javier Gordon
Major: BA History and Archaeology
Position: Humanities and Education Guild Committee- Department Representative of History and Archaeology & George Alleyne Hall Cultural Entertainment Affairs Chairperson

My Philosophy

Stay low, stay quiet, keep it simple, don’t expect too much, and enjoy what you have.

Why I like my programme?

The Bachelor of Arts History and Archaeology is probably the best programme I chose to enrol in. Archaeology inspires me to understand the world around me.  Archaeology allows me to hold, examine and sort materials from excavated sites like at Fort Stewart, White Marl, Port Royal and many other places. This degree has allowed me to define and deconstruct culture. Imagine getting to hold the tangible evidence of your History; it’s amazing and I love it! And imagine the ability to shift through layers of History to discover layers of your past. It is a unique experience that can expand your knowledge and understanding of self and our society

History is a remarkable discipline that really helps me in my pursuit of Archaeology. I learn how to make connections between people and events. Everything has a History and it’s great to learn about the The American Civil War, Civil Rights Movements and Jamaica’s Colonial period. This has helped me to critically assess certain events and how it relates to the present which gives you a good understanding of World problems.

One of the best things I love about my Degree is that I have many career opportunities in the field of Tourism, Education, Private Sectors and International Agencies.

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