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Antwain Williams

So let it be written...
...that the UWI, Mona was my place to shine! The faculty of Humanities and Education and more precisely the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures provided the womb in which to grow to maturity; the garden in which to flourish.
Indeed, while there I was endued with the requisite conditions for intellectual and personal development. Of course, these were not confined to the classroom or the courses pursued. Through facilities such as the UWI, Mona Spanish Club and initiatives like the UWI, Mona-Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla accord which permits a summer exchange programme between Colombian and Jamaican students my university experienced was enriched beyond the expected academic achievements. I was happy to participate in both: whereas my tenure as Vice-president of the Spanish Club (2010-2011) gave me the opportunity to fine tune my leadership skills while positively impacting the lives of future UWI, Mona graduates and indeed tomorrow’s policy makers, the  UWI-Universidad del Norte exchange programme contributed to a broadening of my horizons.
Commendation must be given to the Faculty and Department for its commitment to regional initiatives. The Annual Inter-Campus Foreign Language Theatre Festival comes readily to mind. However, before the regional was the local. Annual open-day expos in the courtyard beneath the shade of the ornamental fig tree showcased the work of staff and students. It is no surprise then, given the willingness of the Faculty to laud its own and the Department’s eagerness to support student initiatives that I envisioned and, with the assistance of colleagues, founded the MONécrivain Magazine and published same in partnership with Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.
As I chart my way to professional success, I hail the Faculty of Humanities and Education and the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures for their hand in shaping my life. It is my hope that in much the same way that a child is his mother’s joy and a flower the praise of the gardener, I will be a reflection of this mould which shaped: a ray sent forth by the Light rising from out of the west.

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