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Prospective Students

As an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Humanities and Education you earn more than a degree! An education in this Faculty builds your intellectual capacity, introduces you to new levels of learning, and broadens your horizons.

The courses we offer help you to acquire the skills that employers consider essential: how to research and handle information, how to evaluate thoughts, how to come to reasoned conclusions, how to lead and how to collaborate with colleagues. This approach to the acquisition of knowledge and the broad base which it provides, give you a spring-board for life-long development.

Prospective Student smiling

The University of the West Indies is interested in creating the conditions that enhance student learning and support students in achieving their goals. Our student affairs policies, programmes, academic support, and financial services reflect a sustained commitment to achieving the University’s educational mission, as do our many clubs and societies. So why not explore the following areas that provide guidance and help orient you concerning the resources available to you and how, when and where to access these?

A graduate degree in the Faculty of Humanities and Education allows you to pursue further studies in the field you are passionate about. Learn here about how you go about applying to one of our programmes, what financial assistance might be available to you, and what your life as a graduate student at The UWI might entail.  A world of opportunity awaits you.

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