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MSc Mathematics



The primary objective of the M.Sc. Mathematics programme is

  • to provide graduates with a comprehensive advanced knowledge of important areas of mathematics.
  • to produce graduates with high level of analytic and numerical skills required in a 21st century economy
  • to furnish graduates with the necessary background for further study in Mathematics, and enhance their   research capabilities and
  •  to enable graduates to function effectively as teachers, at both the school and university levels.



The courses revision is aimed at

  • Moving from primarily 6 credit  courses to 4 credit courses,  thus  allowing us to offer a  greater variety of topics and courses to students.
  • Renewal as a reflective and dynamic process and allowing flexibility in course options.
  • Utilizing our new computing facilities for courses like Time Series and Numerical Methods  through software programmes such as R, Maple and Matlab recently obtained by the  Department and finally,
  • delivering a first rate graduate programme  emphasising  the UWI pre-eminence of producing high degree graduates who are at the cutting edge of academic development and expertise.

Two years part-time (evenings only) and is geared at persons employed in the teaching profession who desire the need for upward mobility


To enter this programme, a candidate must normally hold a first degree with at least second class honours and a major in Mathematics. Candidates with different qualifications may be considered but will be required to pass qualifying courses, as prescribed by the Department.

Students must have passed the following courses (or their equivalent): MATH2401-Elements of Mathematical Analysis, MATH2410 – A First course in Linear Algebra and MATH3402 – A First course on Metric Spaces & Topology. It should be noted that students must pass all the assigned qualified courses before proceeding to the MSc programme.  Resits of qualifying courses are not permitted.

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