Building Access Control

In order to assist in the security and safety of people and in managing the access to specific areas, the campus has acquired an enterprise access control system.  This system will allow the use of certain access cards for authorized personnel to open doors in a variety of locations including but not limited to the following:

  • The Main Administrative Sections of the campus
  • The Multimedia Lecture Theatres
  • The Rex Nettleford and Mary Seacole Halls of Residence
  • Various Departmental Offices and Labs

As part of the campus’ program to improve security, new locations are added frequently and all new buildings are designed to accommodate access control.

For information on how to get access control installed in your area, Mr. Owen Ferguson at MITS can be contacted.

For replacement or reprogramming of access control id cards, please contact the ID Section at the Human Resources Management Department.

Proximity Card (Swipe ID) Request Procedure

All requests for IDs or temporary contractor cards are managed by the ID section of the Human Resource Management Department of the Registry which is located on the ground floor of the Bursary Administrative Annex, across from the Cashier. This request is preceded by the necessary authorization and financial clearance processes.

Help Desk Support

After the card is printed the credential information is sent to the Help Desk at MITS which currently assists by assigning the rights defined in the email.

Problems encountered in accessing the various locations where authorization has been given should be logged to the Help Desk where verification will be made if the fault condition is due to access right assignment or a faulty card. In the case of the latter a reprint will be done at no additional cost if it is clear that the defect is not due to physical damage.