MonaSecure VPN

The Mona Campus through MITS delivers a number of internet based services. Some of these services are available from anywhere (internet resources) while others are only accessible on campus (intranet resources).

MonaSecure is the Campus’ latest iteration of virtual private network (VPN) services which provides  secure remote access to intranet resources. Access may be obtained by one of two methods depending on the service being accessed.

  • Web based resources (eg. may be accessed via the Mona Secure VPN Service MonaSecure VPN Service.

    This does not require any additional software and may be accessed from any browser.

  • Network resources eg. Oracle Java (Banner), Remote Desktop, File Repositories may be accessed via the MonaSecure VPN Forticlient.

    This requires the installation of software to facilitate access. Clients are available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.