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Project Title Date Department/Faculty Funding Agency Project Manager
Contribution of Senior Citizens to Development Sep 2002 to Sep 2003 Community Health & Psychiatry NCSC, PAHO/WHO/UWI Dr. D. Eldemire-Shearer
A Tracer Study of Women's Centre IUCD Recipients Aug 2002 to Aug 2003 Advanced Training & Caribbean Health Research Fertility Mgmt. Dr. Shaun Wynte
Study of Potentially Hazardous Substance in Jamaican Soils Jun 2002 to Jun 2003 ICENS CDB Prof. Gerald Lalor
Age Friendly Guidelines for Primary Ongoing Health Care Jun 2002 Community Health & Psychiatry WHO Dr. D. Eldemire-Shearer
Screening, Assessment and Identification of Antinutritional Factors in Selected (Biochemistry Section) Common Caribbean Foods and Spices and Study of Their Consumption in Normal and Abnormal States May 2002 to Dec 2003 Medical Sciences Jamaica-Mexico Binational Commission Dr. H. Asemota Prof. H. Jacobs Dr. F. Omoruyi Prof. Sotelo-Lopez
Bean/Cowpea Collaborative Research Support Programme (CRSP) Apr 2002 Chemistry US Federal Govt Dr. Helen Jacobs
Environmental Diplomacy Project for Central America and the Caribbean Apr 2002 UWICED STATE
Evaluation of Breast Feeding - Friendly Hospital Initiative Apr 2002 to Sep 2002 dvanced Training & Research Fertility Mgmt UNICEF/MOH Pansy Hamilton
Childhood Screening for Lead Poisoning and Lead Mitigation in Jamaica Mar 2002 to Jun 2004 ICENS EFJ Dr. Mitko Vutchkov
Molecular Diagnosis and Characterisation of Phytoplasmas Associated with Lethal Yellowing Disease on Coconut Palm in Jamaica Jan 2002 to Dec 2004 Basic Medical Sciences (Biochemistry Section) Coconut Industry Board Dr. Wayne McLaughlin
Heavy Metals and Essential Elements in Foods (Soil/Food Relationship) Jan 2002 to Dec 2005 ICENS International Research Development Centre Prof. Gerald Lalor
Innovative Research Partners to Enhance Hot Pepper (Capsicum Chinense) Productivity in the Caribbean Jan 2002 to Dec 2013 Basic Medical Sciences (Biochemistry Section) CDB Dr. Wayne McLaughlin
Analysis of Some Natural Products in Yam and the Metabolic effects of Consumption of Yam in the Management of Diabetes and Hypercholesterolemia Jan 2002 Basic Medical Sciences (Biochemistry Section) UWI Dr. H. Asemota Dr. M. McAnuff
The Threat of Dengue Fever Assessment of Impacts and Adaptation to Climate Change in Human Health in the Caribbean Jan 2002 to Dec 2004 Physics Inter-American Institute for Global Change Prof. A. Chen & Dr. Samuel Rawlin
To Produce a Document on 'Distribution and Use of Jamaican Medicinal Plants' Jan 2002 to Dec 2002 Basic Medical Sciences (Biochemistry Section) UWI/Environmental Health Foundation Dr. Sylvia Mitchell
To Produce an Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants. Jan 2002 to Dec 2003 Basic Medical Sciences (Biochemistry Section) UWI/Environmental Health Foundation Dr. Sylvia Mitchell
Transformational Project Jan 2002 Centre Gender & Dev. Studies- Regional Unit UNIFEM
The Development and Evaluation of Transgenic Sea Island Cotton with insect pest resistant Jan 2002 Basic Medical Sciences (Biochemistry Section) Jamaica Agriculture Development Foundation (JADF) Dr.Paula Tennant
Child Focus II: A Regional Project in Support of National Plans of Action for Early Childhood Development Nov 2001 to Oct 2003 Caribbean Child Development Centre IDB Sian Williams
Foresighting for Development Nov 2001 SALISES British Council & CIDA Prof. Anthony Clayton


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