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Project Title Date Department/Faculty Funding Agency Project Manager
Development of a Framework to Evaluate Financial Reform Models Applied to the Health Sector in the English Speaking Caribbean Jan 1997 to Dec 1997 ISER/SALISES ISER Ms. Andrea Yearwood
Women in Micro-Enterprise Development in Jamaica Jan 1997 Centre for Gender & Dev. - Regional Unit UNIFEM/Japan Women in Dev. (WID) Fund
Retardation in Early Childhood Nov 1996 to Oct 1998 TMRU/Educatio Wellcome Trust
Retardation in Early Childhood Nov 1996 to Oct 1998 TMRU/Education Wellcome Trust
Case Control Study of Family & School in Determinants of Aggression in Jamaican Children Oct 1996 to Mar 1998 ISER/SALISES PIOJ & World Bank Dr. Julie Meeks-Gardner
Health & Economic Status of Income & Occupational Groups in Jamaica Oct 1996 to Apr 1997 ISER/SALISES University of Delaware Ms. Marjorie Brown Asst. Lecturer
Project Strengthening Media Report Oct 1996 to Sep 1998 CARIMAC Panos Institution
Agro Industrial Waste Survey Oct 1996 Pure & Applied Sciences EFJ
Aggression in Jamaican Children Oct 1996 to Sep 1997 UNICEF
Planning & Management of Heavily Contaminated Bays Aug 1996 to Dec 1997
Geology Museum Jul 1996 to Aug 1997 Geography / Geology EFJ Dr. Elsie Le Franc
Jamaican Emergency Medical Service Apr 1996 to Jun 1996
Regional Agricultural Technology Programme Apr 1996 to Apr 1997 Geography / Geology IDB
Obesity and Hypertension in Jamaican Women Apr 1996 to Dec 1997 PAHO US$20,000.00
Nutritional Supplementation Feb 1996 to Dec 1997 TMRU Nutrition Research Foundation
Fertility Management Project Jan 1996 to Dec 1998 GTZ
Management of Whitefly Transmitted Gemini-Virus Jan 1996 to Dec 1997 Chemistry/Life Sciences EDF
Epidemiolgy and Management of White-fly Transmitted Geminiviruses. Jan 1996 to Dec 2001 Basic Medical Sciences (Biochemistry Section) EFJ Dr. Wayne McLaughlin
Teenage Mothers Project Jan 1996 to Jun 1996 TMRU Bernard Van Leer Foundation
Environmental Assessment in St. Elizabeth Jan 1996 to Jan 1997 Geography / Geology RNE Ms. Andrea Yearwood


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