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Project Title Date Department/Faculty Funding Agency Project Manager
NSF Regional Cooperative Activities to Support Global Change in IAI Countries- Jamaica Nov 1998 to Oct 1999 Physics NSF Prof. Anthony Chen
Enzyme Studies and Postharvest Technology of Breadfruit and Banana Sep 1998 to Jan 2002 Basic Medical Sciences Biochemistry Section McGill University UWI Dr. Kerith Golden
Effects of Low Birth Weight on the Development, Growth & Morbidity of Term Infants Sep 1998 to Mar 2002 Tropical Medicine Research Institute ( TMRI ) Nestle' Foundation
Molecular Genetics of Diabetes & Hypertension Jul 1998 to Jun 2003 TMRI Medical Research Council
Climate, Outlook Forum for the Caribbean May 1998 Physics USAID Prof. Anthony Chen
Gender Relations, Conflict Management and Reproductive Health Mar 1998 to Jan 2002 Gender Studies The Ford Foundation Dr. Elsie LeFranc
Contraceptive Use Dynamic Study of Public Sector Family Planning Clients Feb 1998 to Dec 1999 ISER/SALISES FHI Dr. Elsie Le Franc
Proposals for the Health Related Modules of the Survey of Living Conditions and Other Poverty Assessment Household Surveys Feb 1998 to Nov 1998 ISER/SALISES ISER/SALISES Dr. Aldrie Henry- Lee
An Assessment of the Standard of Living and Coping Strategies of Workers in Selected Occupation which have a Minimum Wage Feb 1998 to Nov 1998 ISER/SALISES ISER/SALISES Dr. Aldrie Henry- Lee
Macroeconomics Adjustment Policies (MAPs), Health Sector Reform and the Impact on Access to Utilization and Quality of Health Care Jan 1998 to Mar 1998 ISER/SALISES IDRC Dr. Elsie Le Franc
Mistimed Pregnancy Among Males Jan 1998 to Jan 2000 Advanced Training & Caribbean Health Research Fertility Mgmt. WHO Prof. Hugh Wynter
Project to support in Teaching, Research & Outreach Preparation of Distance Courses for Certificate Programme Jan 1998 to Dec 2003 Centre for Gender & Dev. Studies Govt. of the Netherlands
Support in Teaching Research and Outreach - Preparation of Distance Course for Teaching Jan 1998 Centre for Gender & Dev.. Regional Unit Govt. of Netherlands
Spectroscopy Software Project Jan 1998 Chemistry MDL Information Systems Inc Prof. Robert Lancashire
"Profiles" Project: Measuring Child" Status and Children's Environment at Point of Entry to Grade One Nov 1997 to Feb 2003 Caribbean Child Development Centre IDB & PIOJ Janet Brown & Sian Williams
Breeding and field testing of virus resistant papaya using modern DNA Technology Oct 1997 Biotechnology Centre Jamaica Agriculture Development Society Paula Tennant
Malnourished Children of Jamaica Apr 1997 to Apr 1998 Environmental Found.
Management of Tomato and Pepper Jan 1997 to Dec 1999 ISER/SALISES ISER/SALISES
Characterisation and Management of Tomato and Pepper Geminiviruses Jan 1997 to Dec 2002 Basic Medical Sciences (Biochemistry Section) USAID Dr. Wayne McLaughlin
Development of a Framework to Evaluate Financial Reform Models Applied to the Health Sector in the English Speaking Caribbean Jan 1997 to Dec 1997 ISER/SALISES ISER Ms. Andrea Yearwood


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