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Project Title Date Department/Faculty Funding Agency Project Manager
Support to Regional Training in Population and Development Sociology & Social Work United Nations Development Fund Dr. Pat Anderson Prof. Uche
Management of Education Project Management Studies USAID
Training Emergency Medical Technician Comm. Health & Psychiatry Ministry of Health
Vancomycin-Resistant Enteococci -UWI Microbiology MSM
Transformation of CNS into International Centre Centre for Nuclear Sciences GOJ
Knowledge, Lifestyle Practices, Glucose Control, Cardiovascular and Renal Risk in Diabetes Mellitus Advanced Nursing Education Dr. Marilyn Duff
Book on Globalization Government UWI
Ethnopharmacology Research Basic Medical Sciences UWI
Perspectives on the School Experience Centre for Gender & Dev. - Regional Unit Canada/Caribbean Gender Equality Fund Dr. B. Bailey
Caregiver Training & Early Childhood development TMRI EFJ
Expansion of Drop-out Study Centre for Gender & Dev. Studies UNESCO


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