Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What does the Office of Student Financing (OSF) do?

The Office of Student Financing (OSF) exists to assist registered undergraduate students of the Mona Campus.  Types of Financial assistance includes scholarships, bursaries, grants and meal subsidies.

(2) Who provides funding to the Office of Student Financing (OSF)?

Funding is provided by the UWI Administration along with the help of various corporate entities and individuals both locally and abroad.

(3) What is the deadline for applying for financial assistance?

Deadline for scholarship application is the last working day in May each year however students should continue to check the website for scholarships which may have been offered late.   Students may apply for grants and meal subsidies during the periods  September to November and January to April each year.

(4) Is there a period for late applications for scholarships and bursaries?

No. Late applications for scholarships and bursaries will not be accepted by OSF after the deadline.

(5) Can I email you my scholarship application documents?

No. We currently do not accept application documents over email. Hardcopies should be delivered to the Office of Student Financing which is upstairs the same building as the Billings and Receivables in the Bursary.

(6) Do I need to complete the entire application form?

Yes.  Incomplete forms will not be processed.

(7) How will I know if my financial assistance application is properly completed?

Applications are properly checked by the staff of the Office of Student Financing before they are accepted. Students who submit forms which are incomplete via mail delivery system prior to the deadline will be emailed. 

(8) How will I find out if my financial assistance application was successful?

You will be contacted via the email address or telephone number provided on your application form once the application has been processed otherwise you may email us at  Financial assistance in the form of grants and meal tickets are assessed within five (5) working days of applying.

(9) How will I know when the scholarships and bursaries have been awarded?

Students who receive awards are contacted via email or telephone however a notification will be placed on the website indicating when scholarships have been awarded.