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Office of Student Financing

The Student Student Academic Enrichment Fund is geared towards the provision of assistance to undergraduate students to enable them to attend/participate in conferences, academic exchanges and activities which could further enrich and/or enhance the quality of training provided at UWI.

The Fund supports activities such as: 

  • Attendance at conferences/seminars/workshops;
  • Participation in UWI sponsored field trips & educational tours;
  • Exchange programmes 

Students must complete an application form, supplying all the information requested which includes a detailed budget, supporting invoices, student's contribution and other relevant documents. Applications should be routed through the Head of Department and/or the Dean of the Faculty to which the student belongs as they must approve the student’s attendance at the conference/seminar/workshop/exchange/activity.

  • Applications must be supported by a statement from the Head of Department outlining the value of the activity for the student’s academic enrichment.
  • Applicants must provide evidence of all other grants received from UWI or other sources.

Elegibility Requirements

In order to benefit, applicants must:

  • be in good financial standing with the University and have an unblemished disciplinary record
  • have at least a GPA of 3.30 at the time of applying
  • be full-time, final year undergraduate students who will be participating in the activity for which they have applied.
  • be active members of the clubs or societies on Campus and have verifiable evidence of community and other contribution
  • The applicant should have failed no more than one course. In exceptional cases where it can be established that lack of funds has contributed significantly to the poor academic performance, some consideration may be given.

Any student who wishes to be considered for assistance should submit his/her request at least four weeks before the advertised date of that meeting.

Fulfillment of the criteria guarantees that requests will be considered but the Selection Committee reserves the right to determine who receives assistance and the level of such assistance.

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