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Office of Student Financing


Meal assistance is approved for students who have applied and have demonstarted that they are having a difficulty in meeting the cost of food while studying on Campus.  Meal cards can be used at approved concessionaires on Campus to offset the purchase of meals only. WJC students who are approved for meal grants are given cash to purchase meals.


Currently, the Office offers two (2) types of grants:

    • Book Grants - these are given to offset the costs of book(s) which are needed by the student. 
    • Cash Grants -  these are cash amounts provided to offset small expenses incurred by the students.

Elegibility Requirements

    • The applicant must be a full-time undergraduate student at the Mona Campus or a Jamaican national who is pursuing a full-time undergraduate programme in the Bahamas.
    • The applicant must be able to prove that they have exhausted or been turned down for all other available sources of financing for reasons not connected with non-payment of previous loans.
    • The applicant should have failed no more than one course. In exceptional cases where it can be established that lack of funds has contributed significantly to the poor academic performance, some consideration may be given.
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