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Office of Student Financing

Number of Awards: 
One (1)
J $250,000.00
Maximum Tenure: 
One (1) year

The award is available to students:


    • Jamaican national;
    • Registered in a full-time government sponsored undergraduate degree programme tenable in the Faculty of Science and Technology OR the Faculty Social Sciences OR the Faculty of Humanities & Education ;
    •  entering Level Two (2) or Three (3) of the degree programme.

The award shall be based on:


    • high academic achievement (at least a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3);
    • verifiable financial need.
Method of Selection: 

Short-listed candidates shall be interviewed by a panel comprising personnel from the University and WIGUT (Jamaica).


The recipient is expected to participate in fifty (50) hours of voluntary service  in an area of service approved by WIGUT (Jamaica)

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