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Office of Student Financing

Number of Awards: 
One (1)
USD $9,500.00
Maximum Tenure: 
2 Years

The award is available to students who are:

  • Jamaican nationals;
  • full time student pursuing a B.Sc. Electrical Power Engineering;
  • entering the 2nd year of the degree;
  • between the ages of 18-25 years old;
  • from communities in the parishes of Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Thomas, St. Catherine.

The award will be based on: 

  • Verifiable financial need; 
  • high academic performance (GPA of at least 3.0);
  • participation in co-curricular or community activities;
  • evidence of leadership qualities.
Method of Selection: 

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the Donors and a representative from the University of the West Indies. 


The following Terms & Condition apply:

  • The recipient must continue to pursue the course of study for which the scholarship was awarded;
  • continuation on the award is subject to annual review of academic performance
  • completion of an internship during the months June-August between their second and third year;
  • recipients will be required to work at Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited for a minimum period of two years immediately after graduation. The bonding document will be signed after selection for the award. 
Special Requirements: 

Applications should be accompanied by the following documents: 

  • A brief description (300 words) outling how the course of study is integral to their career goals; 
  • a brief description (300 words) outling how working at Kingston Freeport Terminal would fit into your career goal;
  • two (2) character references. 
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