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Office of Student Financing

Number of Awards: 
One (1)
Maximum Tenure: 
One (1) year

The award is available to Caribbean Nationals who are: 

  • pursuing a B.Sc. Entrepreneurship Degree
  • entering the final year of study

The award will be based on:

  • academic performance (at least a GPA of 3.0);
  • verifiable financial need;
  • demonstrable involvement in co-curricular activities; 
  • demonstrable execution of, or involvement in, at least one (1) entrepreneurial venture
Method of Selection: 

Shortlisted candidates will then be interviewed by a panel comprised of NEP Board Members and Senior Executives, along with personnel from UWI Mona.

Special Requirements: 

Application shall be accompanied by the following documents:

  • UWI transcript 
  • 500 word essay on the applicant's suitabilty for the award
  • updated resume
Please Note: 

The successful candidate shall not be the holder or recipient of any other scholarship covering tuition costs

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