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Roles and Responsibilities

The Secretariat plays a major role in protecting the integrity of the Campus’ governance framework and ensuring compliance with the University’s statutory and regulatory requirements. The Unit documents and maintains repositories of information which are the hubs for the major Boards and Committees of the Campus. The Secretariat also serves as a frequent reference point for the wider Campus Community as it relates to University policies, procedures and decisions.

While meeting management is a core function of the Secretariat, the responsibilities of the Unit are varied and include::

  1. Making logistical arrangements for specific Campus meetings
  2. Coordinating Student Disciplinary Proceedings
  3. Managing the University Chapel & Support Services
  4. Giving oversight to the operations of the Chaplains’ Office & Chaplaincy
  5. Managing the logistical arrangements for the University Chapel Services
  6. Producing the Annual Departmental Reports
  7. Coordinating and conducting Annual Elections
  8. Compiling Mona’s Academic Diary Information
  9. Facilitating approval of the Campus’ Self-Financing Fees
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