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Born Leader

Friday, April 22, 2016
A born leader, a pillar of strength, these are some words used to describe Oshane Walters who is currently the captain of the University of the West Indies Senior Cricket team. From as early as grade three Oshane has been playing cricket and at grade five, the test of his natural ability was thrust upon him when he was made captain of Primary School’s Cricket Team. The leadership capabilities followed him to high school where he was captain of the under 19 cricket team in 5th form. After primary school, he went to Manchester high school, where he represented the school in an under 19 competition when he was in second form. He played for the Jamaica under 15 team when he was in third form and got most runs at the end of the competition. He was the captain of the Manchester under 19 team in 5th form and went on to represent Jamaica in the under 19 competition in 2011. He played for the same team the following year but this time, not just as another player but as the captain of the team. He got MVP for the one day competition representing the Jamaica under 19 team and best all rounder in the same competition. In a three day competition still representing the under 19 team, he got most wickets in that competition. He lead the Manchester High School team to victory in the Headly Cup Competition and All Island final competition in 2013. He has been captain of the Inter-Col cricket team at the UWI from his first year in 2013. He has captained the UWI T/20 team from 2014-2015 and the One Day team in 2016. He said he would like to play the sport at the international level but he first have to seek to be on the Senior West Indies Team before he can reach the international level. He said that cricket has exposed him to places because he has been able to go to Trinidad, Guyana and Barbados. Additionally, he went to England where he represented the Red Bull Campus and made it to the finals. As a leader he has experienced days when the pressure is high but he learnt how to handle situations better because of the experience he has had over the years as a leader. People see him as a role model in his Salmon Town community in Manchester, because of his accomplishments and the fact that the community itself loves cricket. Along with his regional competitions and school competitions, he doesn’t forget his home as he played for the South Star Church in the SDC competition. Oshane Walters is seen as a humble person who knows his roles and responsibilities and with the experience he has as a leader is natural for him to seek ways to motivate players and handle situations as they arise.
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