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Teaching Programmes in Sports

The UWI, Mona has offered for some time a range of sports related academic programmes, including:

  • Undergraduate courses in Sports, through disciplines including History, Cultural Studies, Media and Political Sciences
  • Co-curricular credits for students participating in athletics, netball, cricket and football
  • Work with the school system through the Institute of Education in sports curriculum development.
  • Degrees in Physical Therapy.

PostGraduate Courses

M.Sc. in Sports Medicine
This discipline applies the latest science of injury prevention and management, nutrition, psychology, bio mechanics and applied exercise physiology to enhance the natural talent of an athlete.

Masters in Sports & Exercise Medicine
A specialization for registered physiotherapists to manage sports injuries and athletic rehabilitation.

M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology
A specialization is available in Sports Psychology, to facilitate understanding of factors that affect performance and address psychological and social issues associated with sports and exercise.

The Mona School of Business will lead the following initiatives in collaboration with other Faculties and Departments of UWI Mona and the local regional and international governing bodies for different areas of Sports:
  • New Masters Degree in Sports and Events Management
  • Seminars/Workshops/Institutes/Clinics in specialized areas of Sports and Events Management for coaches, officials and event managers for major areas of Sports such as Track and Field, Football, Netball.
The Caribbean Institute of Sports Medicine
The final phase of UWI, Mona's sports development project will see the establishment of a Caribbean Institute of Sports Medicine to include a School of Physical Therapy as well academic programmes such as Sports Medicine, Sports Psychology and Sports Rehabilitation. Training provided through the Institute will ensure:
  • Access to medical care. The overall plan will enable athletes to get the best of investigations and treatment at the University Hospital of the West Indies, which has the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities in the region. Services in physiotherapy, orthopaedic care and physical medicine and rehabilitation is included. They therefore can receive the best of personal sports and academic enhancement and treatment of injuries all within the UWI, Mona Campus
  • Trained physicians, specializing in sports medicine
  • Diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of sports injuries.
Psychological support
Clinical psychological services and counselling for athletes and students.
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