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Support For Students & Athletes


The inclusion of sports scholarships as a part of UWI's offerings is a means of enhancing students' learning and development as well as ensuring character development. Effective 2008-2009 academic year, a new thrust in football and track and field will see the awarding of scholarships to selected athletes in these areas, and a full programme of training and nurtrition support for them, with the intention of developing teams that will reach the pinnacle in local and international competition. 

The University has also adopted a policy of academic support for students participating in sports  at the higher levels, including accommodating flexibility in course assessment and exams, as well as providing tutorial assistance as needed.


Other support includes:

Accommodation Grants for outstanding athletes in various sports. Short-term accommodation is also available for visiting athletes, particularly during May-August of each year.

  • Facilitating participation in regional and international events including track and field, swimming, volleyball and cricket in order to develop the athletes' competitive edge.

Nutritional Support

  • Experienced nutritionists at the Tropical Medicine Research Institute Health Intervention Research Unit (TMRI HIRU) will train individuals and selected groups how to prepare healthy meals. An activity evaluation centre will evaluate fitness and capacity in order to create tailored programmers at the individual level.
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