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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Birds of a feather flock together they say. Well that has never been truer than on last Saturday when UWI pelicans came in drones to support their athletes participating in the UWI/UTECH Championships.

The UWI/UTECH Championships is an annual event that sees athletes from both colleges battling for bragging rights across seven sporting events.  UTECH, the 2015 champions marched to the Mona Bowl filled with zest and confidence, as if the day was already theirs-all clad in yellow graphic tees touting “Its Bird Season.”

Unfortunately for them “pride comest before a fall” and they were no exception.

Though to be fair the UTECH Knights, they fought hard to retain their claim to fame but the Pelicans refused to loose on their home turf. The tension and intensity between the two schools because of this clash made the day a high-octane  one.

With each passing event the stakes got higher. UWI set the stage by narrowly winning the  the first event of the day (Netball) by 1 point. The Knights however were not going down that easily as they demolished the Pelicans in the following two events Cricket and Rugby, taking the lead at two games to one.

Then came Men’s Volleyball and the Knights seemed to outmatched the Pelicans in size and spirit filling the gynasium and cheering on their atlethes. But the Pelicans seemed to be nocturnal birds, only really showing their strengths when night draws and somehow managed to pull off a surprising comeback against the Knights winning their second event.

Next came the female and male football games. UWI was able in that moment to pull ahead after sidestepping the charge of the knights in the women football match. They easily won that match 3-0. The football stands were filled at that point as Pelicans were alert and ready to see if the male football match would be in last nail in the coffin for the Knights. This was not so as the Knights were able to win 1-0.

From there it was neck and neck with both schools tieing 3-3 while the last event, Men’s Basketball was well under way. This is when all the birds came out making UTECH supporters seem miniscule. The match was nail-biting and heartstopping, to say the least, but in the end the Pelicans ascended to the throne and claimed the Trophy.

But the win didn’t feel like it was for the athletes or the Sports Department. No, all the cheers, the cries, the shouts, the pain and the pride were from and for all of the UWI Pelicans who came out to give strength to the team.

This year was simply not bird season as once more the Pelicans soared as they cemented the fact that we are indeed the survivors.

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