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Badminton on a roll

from l-r: Alec Tomlin, Xavier, Otis Codling, Anthony Rust (coach). Bottom row:Ashuana Davis, Juett Carty

The UWI Badminton team took part in the Chinese Benevolent Association Badminton Tournament, which took place from Friday November 19,2010 to Monday November 22, 2010. The UWI participants were: Leon Lobban, Kraig Simpson, Ryan Dyer, Alexander Lyn, Alec Tomlin, Ashuana Davis, Haidekaye Williams, Ruth Williams, Juett Carty and Michelle Kameka. 


Ashuana Davis and Haidekaye Williams both came second in their respective divisions while Alec Tomlin and Xavier Shim came second in the doubles section from Division D. Congratulations to the team and the respective players.

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