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Reserved yet BOLD and Talented-Hansle Parchment

Monday, May 4, 2009

Driven by his passion for athletics, his determination to suceed and his ever progressive unbounded talent Hansel Parchment is unlocking, revamping and making his mark in the track and field arena. Hailing from the parish of St. Thomas Parchment is a humble individual who enjoys participating and or watching track and field, lyming with his friends, listening music and watching football whenever he gets the time to. He was not always a fan of track and field since he was an all rounder in primary school having no focus on any one sport. Parchment however recalls how is interest arose while in High school after just merely attending sports day in second form and having conceptualized that he could do much better than what the other athletes had done and in the interim were so proud of. Hence he became a member of the Morant Bay High School track and field team in second form but it was not until third form that he began his speciality the 110m hurdles and from then on, a star was born. After the discovery of this young, fresh and talented young man in third form he began representing his high school Morant Bay High  in a number of local track meets some of which are ISSA boys and girls championship and Penn Relays.   

After High School Parchment had no intentions to stay in Jamaica since he had plans to sit the SAT exams and pursue his academic and track pursuits abroad but, after being introduced and awarded a full scholarship to the University of the West Indies he took a detour from his original plans and in 2009 he matriculated to the UWI. Initially his programme of study was Sociology but this was not his calling or where his passion was so a year later he moved to the faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences where he is currently doing Biology and Chemistry at the Preliminary level. Parchment wants to become a physiotherapist and as such he hopes to get into the programme in the near future. His dream to become a physiotherapist is not far fletched from his passion and talent since it is simply because of his love for track and field why he has decided to consider a carreer that can aid the development and treatment of atheletes. After obtaining his degree he wants to start his own business where he will develop a practice in physiotheraphy for athletes and trainers alike.    

Parchment is not just an athlete but an extraordinary one a man that has represented not only the UWI but also his country at various local and international meets. His accomplishments ranges from being a participant in the Jamaica Youth trials in 2007, local meets such as Gibson Relays, Jamaica National trials, to World Youth games hosted in Czech Republic, and even more recently Central America and Caricom games held in India in 2010. The meet in India means alot to Parchment because even though he was the winner of the race he mangaed to run his best time of 13.71 seconds which to date his still his best time. I however have no doubt that Parchment can terminate this time and replace it with a faster time but he proclaims that the season is still young and as such he’s unable to make any predictions or judgements as to what his overall performance will be this season. 

Inspired by his role model Dayron Robles the Cuban 110m hurdles specialist who currently holds the record with a time of 12.87 seconds Parchment is motivated daily by some of the qualities of his role model. He asserts that Robles is a technical, reserved yet smoothe athlete who always gets the job done and as such he continues to work hard having garnered or conquered innately or otherwise some of these said traits. So having the right environment, coaches, facilities and technical assistance for his track carreer Parchment now has to learn to balance his time wisely between school and tracks. So, when asked about his time management strategies he simply states that his strategy is to identify particular individuals in his classes who displays good work ethics then emulate these individuals making adjustments where possible to fit his own  learning style. 

So armed with his personal philosophy all things are possible through Christ Parchment sees himself in the next ten years being the proud owner of his degree in Physiotherapy where he’ll definitely work with athletes and still doing what he loves best track and field. Hansle Parchment ia a cool, quiet and reserved individual yet he is a talented and goal oriented person who knows exactly where he wants life to take him. So as he prepares to qualify for the World Champioship 2011 to be hosted in South Korea the University sports Department salutes you – Hansle Parchment and wishes you the best as you pursue both your academic and athletic carreer at the premier institution of the Caribbean – The University of The West Indies. 

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