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Departments, Schools, Institutes & Units


The Department of Child & Adolescents Health

The Department of Child and Adolescent Health strives for excellence in clinical service, research, intellectual leadership, advisory and community services and training of undergraduate students and postgraduate doctors. Read More

Department of Community Health & Psychiatry

The department has four functional units, Public Health, Family Medicine, Psychiatry and the Community Health Centre. Through these units the department provides undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Additionally, clinical services were delivered through the Community Health Centre, and mental health services through the Department of Psychiatry, the University Hospital of the West Indies. Read more

The Department of Microbiology

The Department of Microbiology has the mandate to train world class health care workers in microbiology with a commitment to scholarship and research. As such, the staff members of the department offer quality undergraduate and postgraduate education to students of the university. Read More

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

The department continues to make great strides in Teaching, Research and Service activities. Our Associate Lecturers from our accredited affiliate hospitals (Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Spanish Town Hospital, May Pen Hospital, St Anns Bay Hospital, Mandeville Regional Hospital, Cornwall Regional Hospital and Savanna-La-Mar Hospital) give indispensable support to our department. Read More

The Department of Pathology

he Department of Pathology is committed to providing quality undergraduate and postgraduate education and research, utilizing the laboratory services at University Hospital of the West Indies. Read More

The Department of Surgery, Radiology, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (SURRADIC)

The Department of Surgery, Radiology, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (SURRADIC) is the largest clinical department in the FMS. Read more


The Mona School of Dentistry

The transition to the School of Dentistry continues with the addition of new administrative staff, and the re-organisation of areas of responsibilities and assigned duties. READ MORE

The UWI School of Nursing

The vision is that the UWI School of Nursing, Mona will be recognized regionally and internationally for providing excellence in nursing education through innovative programmes that are responsive to global health challenges and for generating high quality interdisciplinary and international research. Read More


The School of Medical Radiation Technology

The School of Medical Radiation Technology offers the Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Imaging (Radiography) program with offerings geared toward the development of highly knowledgeable and skilled Medical Imaging Technologists / Radiographers. READ MORE

Health Professions Education Unit

The Medical Education Unit (MEU) was established in 2007 by the then Dean, Prof. A. McDonald. The mandate was to develop and implement medical education philosophy and practice in the undergraduate medical programme and to coordinate accreditation and quality assurance initiatives in response to a growing need. Read More

Mentoring Initiative

The HPEU and HRRU have embarked on an ambitious plan to develop and implement mentoring for all faculty. There are anecdotal examples of successful mentor/mentee relationships in the FMS, and recent structured research mentoring at UWISON initiated by the HRRU. Read More

Clinical Translational Research Unit

The Clinical Translational Research Unit (CTRU) of the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS) of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus was created to support research activities within the FMS. Translation research, in this context, involves taking the findings of scientific investigations to real life applications with the purpose of improving healthcare. Read More

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