SMITH, Matthew

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SMITH, Matthew
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B.A., MSc (UWI), Ph.D. (Florida)
Professor and Head of Department (HOD)
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Haitian Political and Social History

Matthew J. Smith is Professor in History and Head, Department of History and Archaeology, The UWI, Mona. His areas of research include Haitian politics, society, and migration. He is the author of the books Liberty, Fraternity, Exile: Haiti and Jamaica After Emancipation (University of North Carolina Press, 2014), and Red and Black in Haiti: Radicalism, Conflict, and Political Change, 1934-1957 (University of North Carolina Press, 2009) which was a winner of the Gordon K and Sybil Lewis prize for best book in Caribbean History from the Caribbean Studies Association. He has also published several articles and book chapters on various aspects of Haitian history and politics. He has been the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship for graduate studies at the University of Florida; an Andrew Mellon Visiting Professorship at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Duke University; and a Dubois-Mandela-Rodney Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Center for Afroamerican and African Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Professor Smith teaches undergraduate courses on Haitian history and U.S. history. He is currently Director of the Department’s Social History Project. Professor Matthew Smith was awarded the 2015 Haiti Illumination Project Book Prize by the Haitian Studies Association for his book, Liberty, Fraternity, Exile. Haiti and Jamaica after Emancipation. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2014.